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People are being mean to me on the Internet

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-02 19:49

So I guess I should go to bed and call it a day. I took 3 prozac and should blackhole quickly. We'll see tomorrow.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-02 20:29

What programming language is this?

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-02 21:15

I'm thinking Haskell.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 3:25

Poor guy.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 5:24

I just took three painkillers, and now I'm going to pull out my body hair from the follicle and fight a cat. Wish me luck.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 8:19

Ok clever guy, (and that's only about one single mean person):
>be me
>join some random natsoc/altright/whatever server
>slightly trolling because I don't really give a shit about politics
>cute girl, 14 years younger than me starts hitting on me, telling me I sound so bright and funny and have such a sexy voice
>don't think much of it, maybe I do have wizards superpowers after all
>drive 400 fucking km, invite her to the fanciest seafood restaurant by the sea, despite the fact that she lives in a frigging student room and was still in pyjamas when I showed up at her the door
>spend the afternoon at the beach with booze and oreos
>she wears a pink bikini and I don't because I forgot my swimsuit at home, so I have to keep my clothes on
>she feeds seagulls with oreos, I said nothing even though I hate wasting food, let her have fun
>so tired on my way home I have to sleep in my car (I don't usually drink and drive)
>total expanses: clean new clothes, motorway, speeding ticket (still waiting for it), restaurant, ... total is more than half of my monthly unemployment income
Now she doesn't even say "hi" when she sees me online.
How do you explain that irrational behaviour? You tell me. What the fuck did I do to her?You tell me.

Name: noko 2017-10-03 8:27

>be me
Stopped reading there. Nice shitpost

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 8:47

But wait, there's more:
>pm another even younger girl who is usually empathic and listens to me when I'm sad or depressed
>she has a boyfriend and I don't even think he's the good person for her but, whatever, she often gives me the attention I need so badly
>I mention that wonderful german book about a cat and she hasn't read it
>I insist to offer her the book
>I find an anonymous way to buy her the book with amazon gift cards, because she's paranoid about stalking and don't want to tell me her name (I've already stalked her and have all her personal info but she doesn't know)
>no answer
>send a dozen humoristic variations of "pls respond", still no answer
Do I deserve to be treated like that? What's wrong with girls these days? You tell me.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 8:56

whom are you quoting

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 8:58

You know what? I think I'm not spending another cent on these girls as they seem to only have contempt to offer back.Escorts might be a better deal after all.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 8:59

You tell me.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 9:04

I still don't understand the logical thread by which you carried this thread to this point.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 9:10

I have been prescribed Effexor for a few months but I don't have a single pill left because I ate them all when I was sad. Now I have weird withdrawal syndroms like some kind of parasitc electric current in my nervous system. On top of this, those barely legals insolent girls just shit on my ego.
What am I even supposed to do? You tell me.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 9:17

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 9:22

Oh. She's back online. So here's my plan. I will totally ignore her and just be the coolest cybernazi ever with a sexy voice until she just feels guilty for ignoring me after I paid for the seafood restaurant. I will pretend I don't even care about her.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 9:26

stop larping as a neurotic pedophile rapist

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 9:27

Thanks, I should watch this video one of these days. But I haven't produced a single line of code for like two years now. I started reading "Let Over Lambda" a month ago but lost focus at page 30 something.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 9:27

I will totally ignore her and just be the coolest cybernazi ever with a sexy voice until she just feels guilty
That is easily one of the most snowflake things I've ever read.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 9:29

I'm not larping and girls in their twenties are not children! I want kids (and my own kids) so women over 30 are useless to me.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 9:31

I used to know a kid whom I talked to over IRC that explained how he would masturbate in the shower shoving shampoo bottles up his ass. When I asked whether he was gay, he insisted that he wasn't, but in the last conversation I had with him, he for some reason told me that he was transsexual and was about to transition. There is nothing wrong with being gay.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 9:38

Also, I don't rape, I'm a total gentleman. Would it even occur to you that maybe the girl I invited to the restaurant might be ignoring me because she EXPECTED to be raped and I didn't? She opened the door in pyjamas, she put her swimsuit in front of me at the beach and pissed two times in the sea! She even asked if I could find some MDMA because that would be so cool to take MDMA in front of the sea.

I didn't bring MDMA because
1. I don't hang out with drug dealers
2. Effexor and MDMA can cause serotonin syndrom, no thank you
3. fuck you

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 9:43

stop larping as Elliot Roger incarnate

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-03 9:53

It's not larping!
This is so depressing, I'm not even a real nazi, I don't hate anybody.
Is there any girl on earth that has enough brain processing power to understand that I am shy and not exactly self-confident enough to make that final step? Why can't they just help me a little with that? Like give me a clue, I can't read your mind!

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-05 4:42

so women over 30 are useless to me.
You know, a woman can usually make kids until 45-50 or so.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-05 6:01

For the record, the likelihood of getting a downie baby increases almost exponentially as women get later into middle age. For the sake of the child, even, women really shouldn't reproduce at that age. My niece accidentally bumped into a guy at a restaurant while walking to our table, and the guy looked like he was about to stab her to death with a fork. I made her apologize, but, I mean, literally, he had was red and hed veins poping out of his forehead. When he sat down, I noticed that he had a grown daughter with down syndrome and a well-over-middle-aged wife. I can't imagine the kind of burden he must have, knowing that his child will never reproduce and will always be dependant on him. It must be immense.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-05 11:58

accidentally bumped
he was about to stab her
Clearly you're in the wrong here.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-05 12:21

the likelihood of getting a downie baby increases almost exponentially

Talking from experience, eh?

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-05 14:50

No, it's a scientific fact

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-05 17:20

You can't trick me.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-05 19:14

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-05 21:09

Clearly you're in the wrong here
What? Yeah, of course I was in the wrong. That's why I told my niece to apologize. I wasn't trying to make the guy look bad; my whole point was that the poor guy was stuck with a downie kid for the rest of his life, and that was why he was so mad. I was completely sympathetic. Don't project your own feelings onto me like that's the truth.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-05 21:11

no I meant for letting him go, after his intent of bullying your niece was obvious

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-05 21:22

But he never even said anything to her. He just looked down at the floor and mad an angry expression which she never even saw. He was perfectly civil.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-05 21:58

your previous description of him was way more intimidating

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-05 22:06

He was.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-06 18:03

You're acting needy af, that is your problem. Also, /lounge/ is that way →

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-06 18:08

OP needs to read Coach Corey Wayne's How to be a 3% man and watch many of his videos. It is the SICP of relationships.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-06 21:37

There's nothing there to the right

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-06 22:58

Look closer.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-07 3:20

What does it have to do with depression?

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-07 13:41

How can I possibly not look needy af when I have not approached a human female for years?


Name: Anonymous 2017-10-07 14:50

Not >>1 but a week ago a cute Chinese girl started hanging out with me and we had 2 dates together. It was very fun, she is a fellow computer scientist and anime appreciator.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-07 21:17

it's true.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-07 21:25

Careful, friendo
it is said that more you have in common with someone, the less likely a relationship will work out

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-07 22:30

Wish you luck.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-08 0:06

You man the fuck up, that's what you do. Remember, less is more with women.

Terrible! You really don't want to end up with Elliot Rodgers for a son.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-08 2:04


Name: Anonymous 2017-10-08 3:39

You man the fuck up
I don't even understand what that means. I'm already born as a man.
I've asked anons for advice, and they told me that in order to get a gf I needed to stop being a NEET and go out. I did exactly that, I took a job and started to hit the bars (alone, and it's boring as fuck)
No gf showed up, so I left the job and spent all of my free time on the shittiest corners of internet looking for a depressive or crazy but decent-looking young girl. At first they seem intrigued by me, as they often try to get my attention or even compliment me. Nevertheless, I always end up in the friendzone, or worse (and unfamiliar), in the dadzone.

I'm running low on cash, so the next steps are probably:
>fuck the youngest, hottiest escort I can find
>kill myself

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-08 4:01

Stop chasing pussy. MGTOW and save up for a sex doll.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-08 4:07


Name: Anonymous 2017-10-08 4:17

fill ur own cup, before filling the cups of others

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-08 5:01

You've had interactions with women and have gotten them interested, but what happens is you text and over pursue them to the point where they get bored/scared and don't want anything to do with you. You're acting like a stalker. Girls are like cats and when you chase a cat away it doesn't want anything to do with you. Women fall for a dude a lot more slowly than a guy does for a girl. Seriously, read Corey Wayne's book and watch his YouTube videos (make sure to watch them through HookTube!). Also, this thread really belongs in /lounge/.

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-08 12:53

Whom are you quoting?

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-08 13:02

Just be yourself

Name: Anonymous 2017-10-09 1:18

Prozac doesn't help.

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