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Samsun is The Enemy of Your Freedom

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-08 10:08

You can't prevent Samsung's software from installing spyware:

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-08 10:09

This is how Samsung forces their system updates on users. This pops up when you least expect it, and you can't get out of it using hardware buttons (that "tap the option" shows if you try). The only way to close this is to choose "install later". Super frustrating.

iOS, on the other hand, does even worse. If you choose "don't install", it asks for your passcode to "install it at night" (assuming I sleep at night time, because hey, everybody does), and there's a small, borderless cancel button at the bottom of the screen.

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-08 11:16

mobile phones are cancer. I just want a small PDA with a normal Linux or BSD distro that can also make calls. why is it so hard?

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-08 11:20

ubuntu touch

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-08 11:23

it looks like a shitty pseudo-android, not a real ubuntu. does it even give you root by default?

Name: FrozenVoid !MhMRSATORI!!ToSuuKYUiEA 2017-11-08 11:38

Try this one then:
The specs are laughable, and you'd look ridiculous calling from that. But if a Linux PDA is what you're looking for, that's your best option.

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-08 11:56

this looks like what I'm looking for! it's GPD Win but with pre-installed Debian and a mobile phone functionality. pretty expensive given the specs and not finished yet but it may be worth it. thanks, fakeFrozenAnus!

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-08 13:20

(minimum) 400 euros for this is way too much.

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-08 15:41

Uarenotme True July 13, 2017
I'm truly happy with the latest update of samsung push service. Just now i went to supermarket and able to get this app to push my shopping cart fully auto like an auto pilot mode while i do shopping. Last time it's semi auto, half auto cruise and half manual push.. seems like samsung understand consumer needs. And when i want to get back home, traffic jam is not a problem as this app help to push all the cars aside to give me way (the latest update now can even push trucks and bikes).. best app ever!!

Judy Anderson July 25, 2017
Ok y'all down here in Texas "pushing" and "pulling" have an entirely different meaning. In other words I can't "pull" if you don't "push" and visa versa. I'm so on fire that everybody's lives were saved by this REMARKABLE app.... BUT COULD SOMEONE TELL WHAT THIS DARN THING'S FUNCTION REEEEAAALLLLY IS???!!!! I don't know if I need to "push it REAL good "or push it to the curb. Will the REAL professional please stand up???

Ben Tomkins June 28, 2017
Pushing. It's not very British. I have installed Samsung Queuing Services instead and it is a much more orderly experience. My friend tried Samsung Shove Service and said it reminded him of the Tokyo underground. Can't wait for the new Samsung Pulling app, but Tinder will probably still be better for the mean time.

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-08 15:44


After I installed this app my boss gave me a $50,000 payrise and advised me I only need to work 2 days a week instead of 5 and my big fella grew another 4 inches and Swedish blonde twins knocked on my front asking for a 3some. App is just amazing how I lived without it is beyond me and I won lotto that very weekend. Samsung push app is life changing. Samsung need one for the iPhone

amy griffiths June 30, 2017
Disappointed! Husband was pushed next door into the arms of wide-on Sandra and her housemate dirty Debbie! After this most recent update, he got pushed back, and he has more sti's than the nhs database has on record. I updated my push service, and it didn't push me to the 24 year old fella next door, but across the road to the old fella with 54 cats. One star as I did get a pack of custard creams off Brian. And nothing venereal.

Jeff Lee August 16, 2017
This application has misused policymakers, privacy, superseded isp carrier service in provisions with ALL carriers with abusive threats of national security sectors in USA! Reported file herein in all activities unauthorized except under Google Authority has also implemented investigations in all complaints which are underway present to date. Reporting update with Federal government effective in regards to national communications commission of national security -USA.

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-08 16:23

Thanks, FrozenAnoos

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-08 16:46
Stopped reading there.

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-08 16:49

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-08 16:50


Name: Anonymous 2017-11-08 17:15

It's the image in the link

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