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Nikita is still a virgin

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-09 7:11

And he's well over 30. Let's all laugh at him
ah ah ah

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-09 7:12

women are russian commies because they don't want to fuck people who kill hamsters for fun

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-09 7:15

and why do you gay with men now Nikita?

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-09 14:29


Have to suck dicks to pay the bills.

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-09 15:01

What programming language is this?

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-10 0:38


Name: Nikita Sadkov 2017-11-10 1:01

Personal relationships were are problematic. A bad experience with rude Russian girls are not animated the thing, for more than half of Russian women just want to trick for money using unsophisticated psychological tricks in the spirit of "can not you? are you not a man?", other Russian females, being smarter, trying to make a drunkard out of me, and then trick, and they have lost all interest in me, knowing that I do not drink; others just borrow money, and then do not return. Speaking with Russian women also absolutely nothing other than vulgar coquetry, or in a particularly horrible case of Orthodoxy, and that they are in love with her priest-confessor, who probably was gay, if hi do not reciprocate.

Name: Anonymous 2017-11-10 2:15

nothing wrong with orthodoxy

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