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I'm addicted to /prog/

Name: Anonymous 2018-01-07 18:55

Am I autisticc? There is not a single constructive thing to be done here and yet I come daily.

Name: Anonymous 2018-01-07 20:26

I make poast

Name: Anonymous 2018-01-07 20:28

\(k_{n+1} = n^2 + k_n^2 - k_{n-1}\)

Name: Anonymous 2018-01-08 2:42

better than being addicted to some fast moving imagereddit board. at least here you can only shitpost for so long before you saw every thread.

Name: Anonymous 2018-01-08 4:59

Considering that you shit up a place with hardly any users — yes.

Name: Anonymous 2018-01-08 5:56

you can always trigger the anus and collect anus gold

that's what i do

Name: Anonymous 2018-01-08 7:24


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