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Division by Zero

Name: Anonymous 2018-01-12 23:39

What do you make of this?

The division by zero is uniquely and reasonably determined as 1/0=0/0=z/0=0 in the natural extensions of fractions. We have to change our basic ideas for our space and world.

Name: Anonymous 2018-01-13 12:35

It is but I guess a lot of people seem to think that since r=x/y with y approaching 0 will have r approach infinity and thus we could assume that x/0 is 'basically infinity'. But it doesn't make sense when you actually play this game the other way around: for r=(-x)/y (with y getting smaller), r will approach -infinity.
Only one thing is true with certainty: if you start assuming things about and doing maths with infinity, your problems and complexity of your work will eventually approach infinity.

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